Create explore trade into first ever virtual galaxy.

Welcome to Cosmosworld

About CosmosWorld

Explore the future of the virtual world.

CosmosWorld is a fully Decentralised world. It’s made completely decentralised via   Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). One of the major features of DAO is that not owned by single person. In Cosmo World all the smart contracts and virtual assets like LAND contracts, Estates, Market Place, Avatars, Wearables and a substantial part of Cosmic (COS) currency is owned by Cosmos World DAO.



Get yourself in an awesome world 
Adventures around solar system

Adventures into WORLD of Virtual Cities which are developed and owned by its users. Travel in Milky way from space travel to Jurassic age travel like in as in time machine. Own virtual properties documented on the Ethereum blockchain to make them easily transferable with robust blockchain technology


Imagination has no limits
Cross your limits

Create your own world right from LANDs, artwork, games and get in to a new virtual Avatar .Teleport into WORLD of Virtual Cities which are developed and owned by its users made by simple building tools. You can build your own games and develop applications, take part in live events, games and win exiting prizes.

Market Place

NFT the perfect solution
 For to all digital assets

Buy and sell digital assets in the form of NFTs using our
crypto currency SOLAR. Land, Estates, Cities   Avatars, gadgets, wearables and much more. Contents can range from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games, casinos, buildings, gardens, restaurants, art galleries, andwhatever else developers can imagine and dream up. This can be safely stored, sold, and transferred with Ethereum blockchain technology in the form of NFTs

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